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After mounting and framing origami cranes for over 21 years, we have decided to discontinue offering this service as of July 31, 2014. It's About Time will not be going out of business; we will just no longer offer any mounting and framing services as of July 31, 2014. We are still currently taking orders as long as orders are placed by the end of April and cranes are turned in by the end of May. These deadlines would then enable us to complete frames by the end of July. If this time frame will work for you, please contact us.

THE FOLDING OF 1001 ORIGAMI CRANES is believed to bring longevity and good luck to couples in their marriage and to celebrants of other special occasions. This has become a popular "tradition" for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays (yakudoshi and kanreki) and other special occasions.

It's About Time can mount and frame your folded 1001 origami cranes to keep and treasure. Our unique painting process allows us to specialize in custom designs, or you may choose from a selection of designs which we have created. Let us help you create a 1001 origami crane design for your special occasion.

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